Machine Installation & Relocation​

Machine Installation & Relocation

The Challenge

Our Corby movers’ team were involved in the planning, project management, professional rigging, skating and positioning of a new fin folding production line for a valued client. The machinery was delivered from the manufacturing facility in Turkey to the client’s production site in 3 consignments where our team carefully offloaded and skated each machine into position. Our dedicated project manager reported directly to the client’s project manager to ensure the correct positioning of each machine within the production facility to allow for mechanical and electrical commissioning.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the project involved the careful offloading of each machine which weighed from 3 tonnes up to 30 tonnes. This was carried out with the use of a 60 tonne mobile crane and 15 tonne forklift. The machines were lowered onto air skates for transport within the production facility.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the project included the careful skating of 15 machines over 40m from the offloading location to its designated position. This required some temporary flooring to be laid out to ensure an air seal under each air skate. Once the machine reached its correct position the air skates were lowered and removed with the use of toe jacks. An overhead gantry crane and wheeled skates were also used for the smaller and lighter machines.

The OutCome

The offloading, skating and positioning of each machine was carried out on schedule, without damage and as per the client’s requests. All health and safety protocols and lifting procedures were followed which led to an incident free outcome

Machine Installation & Relocation

Client Satisfaction

“The Corby team successfully moved our new fin-folding production line into position without any difficulty. Great work by the crew!” 

Stephen MacSharry, Industrial Eng Manager, Kyte Powertech


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