What We Do - commercial building refurbishment & maintenance

Corby Steel Fabrications can offer a vast array of Commercial Building Refurbishment & Maintenance services for commercial and industrial manufacturing clients. Our skilled construction teams carry out general maintenance, repair and replacement of industrial building products ensuring that internal plant production can function without disruption.

Our refurbishment & maintenance teams have extensive experience carrying out industrial building repair over live production floors where productivity disruption is preventable, ensuring the safety of floor staff as well as controlling product quality and contamination, through the use of our debris-containing systems designed in-house.

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Building Refurbishment

Fire, storm, UV rays and product age are common factors that contribute to building product malfunction and can lead to structural insecurity and water ingress. The ingress of water through roof joints, skylights and gutter areas can create hazards within a production facility. There can be sensitive high-tech machinery and equipment operating below, as well as highly valuable product lines with crucial contamination parameters in place.
We understand the importance of productivity and quality control within manufacturing facilities and work with clients to ensure repair and maintenance is carried out systematically in coordination with production schedules.

Common building refurbishment & maintenance services we provide:  

  • Fire and storm related repair 
  • Skylight replacement and repair 
  • Liquid waterproofing 
  • Asbestos removal  
  • Gutter replacement and relining 
  • PVC-P roofing membrane repair 
  • Drip Flashings 

Roof Filtration System Fire Damage ​

Our Corby Steel commercial building refurbishment & maintenance team were involved in the planning, project management, professional rigging, steel fabrication, cladding and replacement of roof filtration units from start to finish. The team leader reported directly to the Encirc production site management.