What We Do - Commercial Building Construction

Corby Steel Fabrications has extensive experience in engineering works for all types of commercial buildings and can offer structural steel fabrication and erection along with cladding. Whether adding a new build, extending or internally dividing your production facility, Corby Steel Fabrications can design, fabricate and build complex and challenging projects for a diverse range of commercial industries.
Corby Steel Fabrications, through the use of advanced equipment and skilled construction teams, can cater for clients’ desired building needs, giving optimal results.

New Build Facilities

Our design team work with clients and quantity surveyors to ensure all requirements are discussed and examined in detail. We supply detailed construction details and drawings to ensure no conflicting issues arise on-site along with site surveys. Once details and drawings are approved fabrication of structural steel commences in our fabricating facility, followed by transport to site for erection and auxiliary works such as cladding and access solutions such as platforms and walkways for personnel and large doors for equipment and plant.

Commercial Construction

At Corby Steel Fabrications, the process of Commercial construction involves the construction of buildings and other structure that will be used for commercial purposes. Commercial projects are generally larger in scale than standard residential construction projects. Types of commercial construction include office buildings, retail shops, factories, storage warehouses and much more. Various professionals are often involved in commercial construction, ranging from architects to engineers to contractors
The first steps are usually to develop an initial plan for the projects, this will consider the client’s specific needs, the size and location of the building site, and any regulatory requirements that may need to be considered. When the plan for the project is completed, our Corby Steel construction team will then begin working on erecting the buildings structure. The construction process will require resources, coordination and collaboration between the various Corby teams. Once the project is completed, the clients have been provided with a unique valuable building, perfect for their business to operate.

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