What We Do - Commercial Building Construction

At Corby Steel Fabrications, we specialise in commercial construction and structural engineering services. With a focus on structural steel fabrication and metal cladding, we provide comprehensive solutions for all types of commercial buildings. Our expertise includes designing, fabricating, and erecting structures for new builds, extensions, and interior divisions tailored to production facilities and various commercial settings.

Tailored Engineering and Construction for Commercial Projects

Leveraging advanced equipment and a team of skilled construction professionals, we excel in delivering complex and challenging commercial construction projects across diverse industries. Our client-centered approach ensures that each project is designed and executed to meet specific commercial needs, achieving optimal results in structural integrity and aesthetic value.

New Build Facilities

Our design team collaborates closely with clients and quantity surveyors to meticulously discuss and review all project specifications. We provide comprehensive construction details and drawings to prevent any discrepancies during on-site execution, complemented by thorough site surveys.

Following the approval of these details and drawings, the fabrication of structural steel begins at our state-of-the-art facility. After fabrication, the structural components are transported to the construction site for erection. Additional works, including the installation of cladding, platforms, and walkways for personnel access, as well as large doors for equipment and plant operations, are also conducted to ensure a complete, functional commercial facility.

Commercial Construction

Our commercial construction activities focus on creating buildings and structures intended for commercial use. These projects typically involve larger scales compared to residential builds and encompass various types of buildings including office spaces, retail stores, factories, and storage facilities. The process engages a range of professionals from architects and engineers to contractors.

The initial steps in our construction process involve developing a detailed plan that addresses the client’s specific requirements, the dimensions and location of the site, and any pertinent regulatory standards. Once planning is finalised, our skilled construction team at Corby Steel takes over to erect the building’s structure efficiently. This phase demands a coordinated effort across our various teams, ensuring resourceful and collaborative construction execution.

Upon completion, our clients receive a uniquely valuable and fully operational commercial building tailored to their business needs.

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